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Ready to unlock a successful PC Refresh for your organisation?  Our Clear Visibility PC Refresh Playbook is your comprehensive guide for successfully upgrading or replacing your operating systems, hardware, and software. 


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What is a PC Refresh? 
A PC Refresh involves upgrading or replacing: 
Operating System 
What does a PC Refresh include? 
Typically, a PC Refresh includes replacing older assets with new ones such as PCs, laptops, printers, iPads, or mobile phones. 
It can also mean upgrading the operating system, for example, moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or other operating systems like Linux. 
It can also mean significant software changes, such as upgrading Microsoft Office or migrating to Office 365. 
Other names for PC Refreshes include PC Replace, Windows Migration, Desktop Virtualization, Modern Workplace, etc. 
What are the challenges of a PC Refresh project? 
On the surface, it may seem simple, replace old PCs or old software with a newer version. But the reality is a highly complex project. 
It impacts all staff: every member of staff, suppliers, as well as customers can be affected. 
It takes time and resource: there are genuine resource constraints in a busy working environment. 
It requires coordination: you need to consider all other projects using IT resource for IT support or delivery. 
Technical challenges: hardware procurement, storage, and removal; software compatibility, packaging and licenses; security and network capacity; training for new systems 
Additional challenges include engaging with a large number of people who have varying responses to change, managing scheduling and deployment while ensuring everyone understands the new setup, maintaining productivity through effective mass communication, and making lasting decisions despite overlapping phases and detailed planning challenges. 
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