How we helped a global car manufacturer drive £3m savings in end-user computing expenses 
Delivering value with intelligent insights 
A leading car manufacturer saved £3 million on their end-user computing (EUC) expenses, all thanks to a strategic migration to Windows 11 to enhance security and compliance. 
The challenge was understanding which devices and software needed updating and streamlining software versions before the migration began. 
By deploying its ‘three V’ approach of validation, visualisation and value creation, the Clear Visibility team was able to overhaul a previously manual and time-consuming process to analyse 12,000 devices. 
Unleashing actionable data 
Initially, the client’s IT team attempted to map out the EUC estate by gathering data from SCCM, AD, and ServiceNow and compiling it into a spreadsheet. 
However, this method quickly hit a roadblock due to massive discrepancies among the platforms, making it difficult to get an accurate overview. In addition, the static nature of the approach also meant that the information became outdated within hours. With 12,000 devices and nearly a million software instances and dependencies to consider, the task seemed daunting. 
Providing Clear Visibility 
The breakthrough came when the team discovered Clear Visibility, and utilising a solution acclaimed by many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Global Systems Integrators (GSIs). 
This solution provided a dynamic, unified view of their EUC assets by pulling daily updates from SCCM, AD, ServiceNow, HR, manufacturer warranties, and other sources. Utilising VENN diagrams and a dashboard, Clear Visibility enabled the team to spot and rectify data discrepancies automatically. 
This process involved contacting application owners and users to account for unused devices and software, generating a detailed software catalogue, valuing assets, managing stock, and tracking licenses. 
A significant revelation from using Clear Visibility was the number of active devices was 10,000, not the 12,000 initially estimated. A discrepancy arose lost, stolen, unserviceable, or not returned devices by departing employees. 
Cost savings and compliance 
Clear Visibility's tomb-stoning process helped in reclaiming these assets as they were identified. The system flags any device not seen on the network for over thirty days, prompting the last known user to reconnect or return it to stock. Devices that remain unaccounted for trigger a service desk ticket for removal from the network. 
Thanks to Clear Visibility's automated features, the car manufacturer streamlined their migration process and achieved an accurate, real-time overview of their EUC estate. 
The financial savings in the first three months amounted to more than £3 million. This tool has provided a continuous mechanism for estate management, enabling ongoing optimisation, rationalisation, and efficiency improvements. Furthermore, it has facilitated compliance and audit protection, ensuring the manufacturer remains ahead in managing its digital infrastructure. 
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