Delivering a competitive edge with intelligent insights. 
A competitive edge with intelligent insights 
A leading Global Systems Integrator revolutionised the way it grasps a customer's End-User Computing (EUC) environment, streamlining the process down to a mere two hours thanks to Clear Visibility. 
Understanding a customer's EUC setup is crucial, especially when competing for managed service contracts. 
It's not just about getting a competitive edge; it's about knowing the complexity and specifics of what they're dealing with. Often, what's on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg, and relying on single-source data, like SCCM, might not paint the full picture. A detailed view not only positions the integrator to bid more effectively but also opens doors to consulting and service opportunities, given the ever-evolving nature of EUC landscapes. 
In the past, mapping out a customer's hardware and software assets for service contracts or migrations was a long haul. It typically involved dispatching consultants to dig through data for months, piecing together information from various management systems, and conducting extensive site visits and meetings. This painstaking process was prone to inaccuracies, leading to project delays and complications. 
Seeking efficiency and accuracy while cutting down on time and costs, the integrator turned to Clear Visibility. 
The three V approach 
Utilising our ‘three V’ approach: validation, visualisation and value creation. Through our initial validation stage, within two hours, Clear Visibility provided a comprehensive snapshot of the entire EUC asset landscape by aggregating daily data from multiple sources like SCCM, AD, ServiceNow, and other applications. 
This single view, enhanced with VENN diagrams and dashboard analytics, streamlined the identification and resolution of data discrepancies through automated communication with stakeholders, facilitating the recovery of unused devices and software. 
Moreover, Clear Visibility automated the creation of a software catalogue, asset valuation, stock management, and license tracking. This enabled the identification of rationalisation opportunities and cost savings, including pinpointing unused software for reclamation. 
The adoption of Clear Visibility has significantly lowered the costs and complexities of customer engagement, project planning, and migrations, becoming a staple in all EUC contracts for the integrator. 
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