End-user computing often presents more complexities than is anticipated by planners. Did you know the number one reason for delays in the deployment of new software is incorrect data? 
That's why it’s essential to have precise data before setting migration timelines and budgets. 
Clear Visibility streamlines migration to Windows 11 and optimises costs by: 
Identifying In-Use Devices: pinpointing active devices, often only 70% of the estate, reducing migration costs. 
Non-Compliant Device Detection: categorising device models into compliant and non-compliant groups, providing a list of all non-compliant devices. 
Device Warranty Status: Track warranty dates and identify out-of-warranty devices, minimising downtime and supporting smooth migration. 
Software Installation Count: tally the total number of software installations, often in the hundreds of thousands. 
Software Instances: create a list of all unique software instances, often in the tens of thousands. 
Applications for Deployment: Compile a list of off-the-shelf applications for the new estate, standardise different software versions, and aid application ownership confirmation, testing, packaging, and license entitlement. 
Unknown Applications Management: identify industry-specific, rare, or in-house applications, each requiring individual management for the new operating system. 
Our complimentary Clear Visibility assessment is designed to provide this business-critical and accurate data. 
It includes: 
Free access to Clear Visibility for one-month 
Supported one-hour Clear Visibility setup 
Dedicated Customer Success Manager 
One day of consultancy to help gather data 
Full Report 
Roadmap detailing next steps 
About Clear Visibility 
When managing a large end-user computing estate, you can’t always see where you can add more value, protect your people and technology, and drive a return on a sizeable investment. 
We allow our customers to gain simple and user-friendly visibility of their hardware and software assets, and it’s making a tangible difference on a global scale. 
Driven by a shared sense of purpose to make a real difference by providing deep understanding through actionable insights and data, we’re helping businesses to work more effectively. 
Microsoft Azure Marketplace 
If you’re a Microsoft user, you can access Clear Visibility directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and enjoy a 30-day free trial. Visit the our page here by clicking here
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