Clear Visibility For Regulation and Compliance  


Make an immediate impact on your  End-User Computing estate 

Governance and compliance in End User Computing (EUC) is vital for ensuring data integrity, security, and alignment with industry standards and regulations. Strong governance structures establish clear policies and procedures, reducing risks such as data breaches and unauthorised access. 
Compliance ensures adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, preventing costly fines and reputational damage. Together, they maintain operational continuity, foster trust among stakeholders, and enable informed decision-making. Effective governance and compliance are essential for safeguarding an organization's EUC estate and sustaining its long-term success and credibility. 

Why Clear Visibility for regulation and compliance? 

When you’re under scrutiny and subject to audit and risk, getting the critical processes and procedures right is essential. And when you’re operating in regulated environments, it’s even more important. 
Ensuring your business is fully protected from cyber threats is also a major, and growing, challenge. 
The rigor in the service we deliver and the visibility and insights across your estates means you’ll have assurances that you’re in full knowledge and able to report with confidence. 
Visibility into your EUC landscape which means improving auditability and traceability Governance and Risk Mitigation 
Granular audit trails of changes made to your EUC estate track all assets in one place and facilitate internal and external audits 
Reducing errors and fraud, identifying potential fraud and manipulation 
Avoiding financial statements, regulatory fines, reputational damage, and legal liabilities 
Generating management reports on the EUC risk profile, identifying areas for improvement, streamlining processes and eliminating data redundancies 
SAM Compliance 

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