Clear Visibility For IT Asset Management 


Make an immediate impact on your  End-User Computing estate 

Effective asset management is crucial in End User Computing (EUC) as it ensures optimal utilization and control of EUC assets. By accurately tracking and managing hardware and software, organizations can prevent resource wastage, reduce costs, and enhance security. It also enables better planning and budgeting by providing insights into asset lifecycles. 
Efficient asset management ensures compliance with licensing and regulatory standards, reduces the risk of operational disruptions, and supports strategic decision-making, thereby improving overall organizational performance and productivity in the EUC landscape. 

Why Clear Visibility for asset management? 

Control and avoidance of lifecycle costs across your PC or SaaS Estate, ensuring you pay only for what you use 
Mitigating risk through licence compliance, evidencing what is not compliant or a security risk 
Supporting IT functions with moves, adds and changes, budgeting, asset tracking and inventory management 
Reducing impact on non-IT functions by mitigating risk and resource required from finance, legal, procurement, security, and governance teams 
Maximising value and returns on all software and assets, both on-premise and in the cloud 

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